We invite you to Ottawa, Canada’s capital, for a collaborative three-day exchange of ideas between diverse change makers that will advance the agenda of ending youth homelessness in Ontario, Canada, and across the globe.

Youth, community service providers, researchers and policy experts will meet to share their experiences and perspectives on creating systemic solutions to youth homelessness, ranging from immediate interventions to preventative strategies designed to stop homelessness before it begins. We believe that all young people have the right to be safely housed and to have the appropriate supports in place that allow them to thrive. Our goal with this conference is to build upon and accelerate the current momentum for ending and preventing youth homelessness in Ontario, Canada and beyond.

Registration Now Open! 

We encourage a broad range of applicants, from those involved in long-term municipal Housing First projects to organizations that are just beginning to address complex issues influencing youth homelessness such as mental illness, substance use, identity, unemployment, education, rural residence, poverty and other important dimensions. Proposals concerning communities outside of major metropolitan Canadian cities (Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal) are particularly encouraged. Contribution topics could include (but are not restricted to): Housing as a human right, Indigenous youth experiences, LGBTQ youth, newcomer youth, gender, hidden homelessness, youth activism, aging out of youth services, policy, housing first, harm reduction, poverty reduction, mental health care, constructing the problem of youth homelessness, measuring youth homelessness, homelessness prevention, community planning, housing stock, the cost of youth homelessness, the role of community institutions (schools, hospitals, etc.) and education/employment.

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