Coming Up Together 2018 

Towards Ending and Preventing Youth Homelessness in Ontario, Canada and Beyond

February 20, 21, 22, 2018

On unceded Algonquin Territory (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

Convened by a multi-sectoral organizing committee, hosted by Carleton University

Conference location: downtown Ottawa (University of Ottawa campus)

We invite you to Ottawa, Canada’s capital, for a collaborative three-day exchange of ideas between diverse change makers that will advance the agenda of ending youth homelessness in Ontario, Canada, and across the globe. Youth, community service providers, researchers and policy experts will meet to share their experiences and perspectives on innovating systemic solutions to youth homelessness, ranging from immediate interventions to preventative strategies designed to stop homelessness before it begins. Focused on creating a solutions-based dialogue for and about youth who are over-represented in youth homelessness statistics, this will be a chance take down barriers and create a shared vision.

Communities are making incredible progress in ending and preventing youth homelessness; this event will be a chance for those involved to share strategies and catalyze the energetic movement that is afoot.