Researcher/Academic Participation

We are seeking proposals for:

1) Panel topics   2) Papers   3) Workshops from researchers and academics

Contributions should be designed to reach a universal, multi-sectoral audience. Applicants are invited to submit proposals for one or more contributions. Proposals concerning communities outside of major metropolitan Canadian cities (Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal) are encouraged, as are inter-sectoral collaborations between researchers/academics, youth, and service providers supporting homeless youth. Contribution topics could include (but are not restricted to): Housing as a human right, Indigenous youth experiences, LGBTQ youth, newcomer youth, gender, hidden homelessness, youth activism, aging out of youth services, policy, housing first, harm reduction, poverty reduction, mental health care, constructing the problem of youth homelessness, measuring youth homelessness, homelessness prevention, community planning, housing stock, the cost of youth homelessness, the role of community institutions (schools, hospitals, etc...) and education/employment.



Please submit panel proposals with the following elements: A title or panel topic; 300-500 word summaries of each presentation (between 3 and 4); 150-word bios and contact information for each presenter. Panels that incorporate diverse perspectives from youth, service providers, policy makers and academics are particularly welcome.

Note: If you are proposing a panel, please submit a separate entry for the proposed panel topic, and then for each paper submission. Be sure to include the title of the panel with each abstract, to link that abstract to your proposed panel



Please submit a 300-500 word abstract detailing a 15-minute paper you intend to present on a conference panel. Papers prioritizing audience engagement and visual presentations are encouraged.



Please submit a 300-500 word summary detailing a workshop you would like to conduct during the conference. This could be a workshop for skill development for other academics based on your expertise or a strategy sharing session based on participatory, community-based project work, for example.


Deadline Extension! May 15th, 2017